, Kuonen Natascha, Kaykayoglu Asli Ceren

Damen 1: And once again inferior to the Wallis…

On Saturday evening we held our second game against „Lalu“. As our coach Fabi is still snorkeling in the depths of the sea, we were coached by Lars Bischof. A rather slow but not particularly unusual start to the game indicated that it wouldn’t be an easy match. 

Nevertheless, we managed to win the first set and victory seemed to be within our grasp. But Lalden came back stronger. Not necessarily smashing harder or playing any better than in the first set but a whole lot smarter. They put us through a hard time playing lots of tips and the balls kept slipping through our hands in the block. Although we managed to keep a small point difference, it was never enough to surpass them. Thus they won the next two sets, which backed us into a corner. 

In the 4th set, which was our last chance to stay in the match, we had to play our best game. We managed to minimize our mistakes as well as improve our powerful serves and spikes. Our side dominated the game and we won the set by a big margin of 25-11. Unfortunately, we couldn't catch the rhythm in the last phase and eventually lost the match in the tie break.

But overall the game was a fair fight. Our players showed some good actions and pushed through some long rallies. 

Stay tuned for our last game in Nidau on the 11th of March at 2 pm. We’ll face the last team in the ranking and hope for a long-overdue victory!